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Salisbury Auto Lift
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Key Features

  • Body weighs approximately 10 kg.
  • Lifts up to 135 kg
  • Can be customized to fit any car doors
  • Lift from your wheel chair to standard car seat
  • Power is supplied by gel battery

Lifting into Vehicles

The Salisbury Auto Lift has been designed and developed by Access Unlimited Lift to lift a person, without putting strain on the carer or person being lifted, whilst doing so safely.

The lifter is manufactured in lightweight aluminium, the body of the lift weighs only 10 kg, whilst retaining great strength.

The unit comes with a sling that fits down the back and under the legs, allowing you to lift and shift the person into the vehicle with minimal effort.


  • Can be customized fitted on all doors on every car
  • Lifter comes complete with sling, electrics, with full fitting and operating instructions
  • Guaranteed for 12 months against faulty parts or workmanship
  • The Salisbury Auto Lift, lifts a person up/down and sideways movements into or out of the car are done manually but are very easy due to the substantial pivot points on the lifting arm and extra bearing
  • Lifter is designed to lift a person up to 135 kg
  • Length of the lifting arm can be adjusted to suit all cars and people being lifted
  • Sling can be fitted around the persons back whilst still seated in their wheelchair

Technical Information

  • Lifter weight in total 10 kg, easily taken apart into 4 pieces
  • Lifting capacity 135 kg
  • Maximum height range of lift: 62.2 cm
  • Fuse rating: 25 Amp
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Slings available: Extra small – Extra large including amputee sling

Unlimited Transfer

The Salisbury Auto Lift by Access Unlimited Lift gives you unlimited ability to transfer you around your own house or anywhere you wish and enjoy the freedom.

  • From wheel chair to shower chair
  • From wheel chair to toilet seat
  • From wheel chair to your bed
  • In and out of your car, caravan and even boat on your holiday


The Salisbury Auto Lift can be customized to your need and fitted wherever you wish. Basic accessories:

1. Main engine lifter easily separated into 4 manageable sections
2. Sling
3. Remote control

Additional accessories:

1. Wall bracket
2. Toilet sling
3. Caravan bracket
4. Boat bracket
5. Motor home bracket

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